Best Basketball Players by the Numbers


Who is the GOAT in basketball? Create your own list of Greatest Basketballers Now!

The sport of arguing who is the Greatest Of All Time is one of those never ending debates among fans.

What is a championship worth, in the legacy of an athlete? How about an MVP? An All-Star selection? Rookie of the Year? Or being top 10 in scoring or rebounds?

Here’s the answer: the Calculator for Championships, Stats, and Awards in basketball.

You decide how much each stat is worth–depending on which stats or awards you rank most important, you can push any one of a small group of players to the top of the list. More statistical and award categories will be added over time.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, it’s only an attempt to rank the best of the best. You can see the list of players included in the comparison, and the methods used for calculating.