Best Basketball Players by the Numbers

Basketball debates about the greatest players can never answer the question of how players from a different era may have compared. But if we focus the conversation on the most accomplishments in the game of basketball, then we can break it down to numbers.

We still have to consider which accomplishments are more important than others. Of course, championships are important, but certainly not the only criteria. Is an all-star appearance more important than an all-defensive 1st team? Are rebounds per game more important than assists per game?

To answer those questions, I have created a list of statistics and awards, and assigned a point value to each. Calculate how many awards and where each player ranks on the stats lists, and we get a clear list of the greatest accomplishments in basketball.

Soon, I will have a calculator that will allow you to set your own priorities for each stat and award. If you think an MVP or Rookie of the Year is worth more than I do, you can change the points assigned and recalculate the list. By emphasizing different points, you can push any one of a small group of leaders to the top of the list.

Until the calculator is finished, you can view the list based on my own values for each accomplishment.